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Dance Moms Is Back

I’m not sure if this counts as sports talk but Dance Moms is back. That’s right, that screaming dance whale is back with a whole new crew of mothers living vicariously through their poor daughters. I can’t emphasize enough how f***king disgusting that show is to me. It’s everything that is wrong with parenting and coaching (if you choose to count dance as a sport…I do). First of all, the moms are all going through the biggest mid-life crisis in the history of television. Second of all, everything that comes out of their mouths is them bitching at the other moms, either about the other moms or Abby. I mean literally everything. You’ll be hard pressed to find a single line in the episode where something negative doesn’t come up. They also make their kids f***king miserable to the point where the kids are always on the verge of tears. They don’t even look like they want to dance, and I don’t blame them. Would you want to dance with your mom in the other room getting into cat fights regularly and fighting with your coach who’s screaming that you can’t dance for sh*t and that you need to win. I sure as hell wouldn’t, especially with a coach like Abby Lee Miller. Don’t get me started on her. The biggest hypocrite, scum of the earth, b*tch I’ve ever seen. Not to mention she’s a horrible coach and teacher. Let’s put her legal troubles to the side for a second. She screams in her horrible screeching voice that the kids absolutely need to win and that they suck at dancing when she’s morbidly obese and in a god damn wheelchair. Hypocrisy at its finest if I’ve ever seen it. You love to see coaches who do the workouts with their players and would never make the players do anything that the coach couldn’t. But this b*tch can’t even walk and is complaining that these elite dancers aren’t good enough. SHE CAN’T EVEN WHEEL THE CHAIR. IT’S MOTORIZED. I understand she was very sick and I’m sorry if you’re offended, but maybe she should look in the mirror before she verbally assaults some young girls. I’m disgusted beyond belief at this display of exploitation and abuse of little girls by their mothers who didn’t do sh*t when they had the chance and are having regrets now.

Having said all of this, it’s really great sh*t to watch on TV. I love saying to myself “Damn. I would have just quit by now or kicked that Orca out of her motor chair” It’s fun to watch and people eat the drama up. So, I guess you can go check it out on Lifetime.

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