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Spurs Are Back Baby

Premier League is back in a huge way and it is about damn time I'm able to watch Tottenham Hotspur every weekend again. What a gutsy win for them yesterday against Aston Villa that really showed what this team was all about. I was fully prepared to be writing about how unfair a loss yesterday would have been for them once that first half ended. Spurs were dominating the whole game, plugging away and generating scoring chance after scoring chance (with Sissoko shanking it). Fair play to McGinn for taking advantage of a great opportunity early on in the game, but Tottenham deserved to win that game. You could tell they were knocking at the door and close to putting it in the back of the net, with the crowd near eruption and the North London faithful chanting "Come on you spurs!". Finally after a brilliant save by Tom Heaton, Kane passed the rebound to Lucas Moura, who then sent it back to the Lyon transfer Tanguy Ndombele. In his Premier League debut, Ndombele delivered an absolute piss missile into the goal and putting the crowd into a frenzy over the equalizer. Now what came next is what really stuck with me and is a huge reason why I am a supporter of this club. On the strength of "When The Spurs Go Marching In" being sung by the crowd, Tottenham Hotspur looked at that scoreboard and said F**k your draw we want to win. They continued to apply a total onslaught to Aston Villa's defense, not allowing them a second to breathe. Eventually, Erik Lamela got some space and took a shot that was blocked but made its way to the boots of our knight in shining armour, Harry Kane. Our star player drilled it home and the sturdiness of Tottenham's new stadium was tested with the fans going bonkers (as did I from my living room). This goal came with 5 minutes left, but wasn't enough for our General Mauricio Pochettino. We finished the way we played the whole game, beating the sh*t out of them which led to yet another Harry Kane goal. The game ended this way at 3-1 in dominant fashion even though it was a comeback victory. Big things coming from this squad this year I guarantee it.

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