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Rangers Are Dangerous This Year

The New York Rangers just had one of the best off-seasons in recent history and are set for an enormous turn-around after a less than satisfactory season. This season was not terrible, we got a few good wins and didn’t miss the playoffs by much, especially given the fact that expectations were low. The pieces were there as we have a great young core group of guys built around a veteran elite goalie in Hank. We just needed a superstar to cement it all together and drive this team to the next level. My fondest memories are inside Madison Square Garden watching the boys in blue play some puck. From Brad Richards scoring with less than 6 seconds left against the Caps in game 5 to send it to OT for Staal to nail the game winner, to the miraculous Stanley Cup Finals run in 2014, to my dope ass promposal on the big screen against the Blues, to the countless games in Section 114 with my dad. Nothing would make me happier than to see this team win another cup. I really believe that with the moves we made this offseason we can make it happen. Let’s start with the signing of Adam Fox from Harvard. 21 years old, hungry, and wicked smart. He has huge potential and to make it even better, he’s head coach Dan Quinn’s boy so we know they have a good relationship and chemistry. Pair that with the signing of elite defenseman Jacob Trouba from Winnipeg to mentor him and we have ourselves an absolute f***king unit of a prospect. Speaking of Trouba, that man is going to do some huge things for the Blueshirts and I can’t wait to watch him. Pair him up with Marc Staal and the Metro Division has some TROUBLE. Next up, this year’s draft was terrific. Getting that number 2 pick was huge and getting Kaapo Kakko was even bigger. The Fin is a wagon plain and simple. An absolute superstar in the making. Just the type of guy the rangers needed, and a young stud as well. Finally, the one guy that puts it all together, from mother Russia, Artemi Panarin. With 87 points and a 14 +/- this is THE MAN. If him, Mika and Buch can connect we have ourselves a first line from hell. Bottom line, the Rangers went from a mediocre team to a cup contender in a matter of one offseason. They’re a little bit raw and unproven, but if the young guys can step up with the veteran’s guidance it’s a problem for the rest of the league. If we can have a solid regular season to put us in good position for the yoffs, we’re dangerous. This is a team built for the post-season and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. Let’s Go Rangers Baby.

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