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Ninja's Rummored New Contract Could Mean The End of Sports.

Earlier today Ninja officially switched his streaming platform from Twitch to Mixer. This is apparently a big deal within the gaming community. The huge thing is that it's rumored that Ninja's Contract is for 6 years and, drum-roll please, 932 MILLION DOLLARS. I fucking wish this was made up. How on the planet Earth is this man about to make a billion fucking dollars playing video games. Fuck sports, get your kids on the sticks if you want them to make any money at all. There is absolutely no chance this can work out for Microsoft. This is just after Bugha won $3 million in the Fortnite World Championships.

Now that I'm done ranting about how Ninja is bout make even stupider money than he already was, let's actually break this down. The contract is Allegedly for 6 years and Ninja must exclusively stream on Mixer. No one cares about that shit though. The big thing is that this dude is getting paid for playing fucking video games. hes making more than any athlete. The only rational assumption now is that actual sports are done, its all about video games. ESports have grown a tremendous amount in the past couple years, but this is the last straw. Its all over. No more football or basketball to make big money. You want to roll in cash, grab a fucking video camera and a controller and start playing fucking Fortnite.

This is not good at all for sports. There's no way a team would ever pay a player a billion dollars, so if you want to make a billion dollars your gonna be playing video games. There is no reason to do anything but play video games. It's easy, fun, you already do it. I see absolutely no downside to this career path. Everything in this world is becoming automated and computerized, but when the robots take over the world (watch iRobot, it's gonna happen) I thought 2 things would be safe from those computer dicks, sports and food. Now I'm not too sure if sports are so safe from becoming automated. This automation can go 1 of 2 ways. The first way it could go, which seems more likely, is that regular sports like football and baseball will become obsolete and ESports will take over. The other way is that robots just start replacing the human players until we are wiped from the sports world entirely. Don't get all high and mighty gamers, that means your precious ESports are also at risk.

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