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Nate Diaz Just Doesn't Give A F***

Nate Diaz put on one hell of a performance against Anthony Pettis and just kept the all-time quotes coming. Let's rewind a little bit to the open workouts. First of all, I'm surprised Diaz even showed up, as he didn't to the media day face-off. Then he proceeds to light up a blunt on-stage and smoke before doing open workouts. Can you imagine this happening in any other sport? What would happen if Tom Brady started smoking weed at an NFL media event or at training camp? I'll tell you what would happen, Roger Goodell would absolutely sh*t a brick. Dana White just sat there and let the 209 Gangster do his thing, because as it said in the title, Nate Diaz just doesn't give a f**k. We might be hearing from USADA relatively soon, but with the recent changes to the rules regarding THC levels during fight week, Diaz may just be okay. Then came the fight and man did it deliver. Pettis landed some nice strikes and had his moments but the pressure and length of Diaz was too much for him. What I really loved to see was the use of Diaz's jiu jitsu game which is highly under used by him. Unless a grappling exchange is initiated by someone else, we don't usually get to see this wrinkle of his game. In this fight, he searched for the takedown which was great to see. I had the fight 30-27 and that was how 2/3 judges saw it as well. What came after was nothing short of spectacular. Diaz is one of the most quotable people in MMA, maybe not the best role model, but quotable nonetheless. "This the Nick Diaz army motherf***ers", "The reason I was off is cause everybody sucks", and "He (Jorge Masvidal) ain't no West Coast Gangster" just to name a few. Speaking of Jorge Masvidal, how do you not make that match-up if you're Dana White? From the looks of Jorge in the crowd, he looks down for that scrap, Diaz is obviously down, as he made the call out and I can speak for all MMA fans when I say WE are down for this scrap. If we can get these guys to fight at Madison Square Garden in November, it would be an absolute dream come true. If we can make it 5 rounds and throw in the inaugural 165 pound belt on the line, that could be the biggest fight in MMA History. I just can't think of a more fan friendly match-up. I may be getting ahead of myself here, but the electric build-up, the mutual respect, the trash talk, the world's most famous arena, a new weight-class chock full of killers. What can be better than that? It really is such an exciting time for MMA.

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