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Kai Asakura beats Kyoji Horiguchi

I'm going to keep this quick. I know the casual MMA fans have no idea what I'm talking about and I don't expect them to, but the gravity of this upset should not be taken lightly. Kyoji Horiguchi had not lost a mixed martial arts bout since 2015 to the Flyweight G.O.A.T Demetrious Johnson, was both the Bellator and Rizin Champion at 135, and had finished 7 out of his last 10 MMA Fights going into this fight. Asakura is a tough fighter who beat some tough guys but on paper this was supposed to be a warm-up fight for Horiguchi. Not today. 68 seconds was all it took for Asakura to land the counter right that wobbled Horiguchi and then another hard right hand to close the show at Rizin 18. For some reason, this was a non-title fight, so luckily for Horiguchi he gets to keep his belt. Nevertheless, this is an extraordinary win for Asakura. This weekend was filled with crazy fights, particularly with Miocic vs Cormier, Diaz vs Pettis, and Costa vs Romero. This upset should not be lost in the hype.

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