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I Can't Wait For Colby Covington This Weekend

Colby Covington is literally the biggest douchebag in all of sports and I can’t get enough of him. From hiring strippers to sit on his lap, to carrying around the belt that he doesn’t even have anymore, to his pro-Trump shtick the Welterweight is essentially trying to make people hate him. Which is amazing for business. People would love to see this guy get his ass kicked, which means they’re going to tune in. Not to mention he’s one of the best fighters in the world at 170 with a pace that others simply cannot keep up with. His upcoming fight with Robbie Lawler is highly anticipated and if he can win and get into a title fight with Kamaru Usman aka Marty from Nebraska it would be a great platform for him to piss even more people off. He even has Donald Trump Jr. rumored to be watching cage-side this weekend, which I’m not sure is true but if it is I’m all for it. Politics aside, its bringing national attention to the sport and will only help it grow. Whichever way this fight goes, it’s bound to set up some great storylines in this stacked Welterweight division. If Colby is able to grind down Lawler and get the win, he is without a doubt next in line for the title and as we said before puts him on an even bigger stage to be a heel. If Robbie can hit him with some violent attacks and get the win, that puts Jorge Masvidal in prime position after almost murdering two top 10 contenders in Darren Till and Ben Askren (which was the fastest KO in UFC history not to mention). I love Robbie but part of me wants to see Colby get the win and just see what kind of s**t he decides to spew. Just given the fact that he has the attention of the President makes that storyline a little bit deeper for me, as well as the fact that I’m holding onto hope that a Masvidal vs. McGregor matchup will be made in November at The Garden. Either way, it will be extremely fun to see how this all plays out and what a time it is to be alive as a fight fan.

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