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Daniel Jones Shows His Hall Of Fame Talent In Giants Debut

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

On Thursday night Daniel Jones took the field and he did not disappoint. Jones is just the perfect Quarterback for the Giants and will be the next face of the franchise. and he showed that on Thursday against the New York Jets. Daniel Jones is destined to be a a Hall of Famer. Actually rumor has it that the people over at the hall are making a bust for him right now.

All kidding aside Jones had a solid night. He went 5/5 with 67 yards and a touchdown. The man only played one drive though, so naturally everyone is losing their mind over the fact that he played one drive of solid football against the Jets back-up defenders. Every morning show this morning was talking about Daniel Jones' performance last night, but is this even a performance at all. He threw the ball 5 fucking times. 5 TIMES! That's it. People are taking this one preseason appearance (that's what we'll call it) way too seriously. I'm still under the impression that he is not really that good and a wasted pick by the Giants. I'm not gonna say he sucks or hes terrible because he had a pretty good college career (even though it was at Duke) and he hasn't shown me a reason he isn't good. This game just added to the mediocrity of my opinion of him.

This game should not be the big end all, be all of why Jones should start over Manning. There's no chance that's a good idea at all. Jones has yet to prove himself as a real asset to this team and therefore should not be blessed with the job of dumping the ball off to Saquon on 3rd and 14. There's only one man for that job right now and his name is Eli Manning.

I really hope Jones pans out for the Giants. If it takes me being wrong on Jones for the Giants to get back to their winning ways then so be it. This game though where the dude threw 5 balls really good shouldn't be the huge decider on if he is really "The Guy".

P.S.- I will admit that touchdown throw from Jones was dime.

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