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Let me set the scene for you. It's Friday night, I'm in North Bergen at a friends apartment for her birthday. The party has calmed down a little and it's chill time. This is about to change real quick. The TV is on, all of the guys are gathered around watching the Mets play the Nationals. It's bottom of the 9th inning with the Nats ahead 6-3. J.D Davis and Wilson Ramos both collect base hits and up comes Flava Fraz Todd Frazier with the chance to tie it up. What does he do? Hits an absolute bomb to left field and ties the game up with a 3 run homer. Everyone's getting super excited now, the Mets just came from behind to tie the game up and are in really good position to get this win. Some energy just got added to the room. Two more big hits put runners on second and third. The game winning run is in position, 2 outs with Conforto up to bat and Pistol Pete Alonso after him. Conforto rockets a ball into right field over the outfielder's head and Juan Lagares scores. Everyone at Citi Field erupted, everyone in the dugout erupted and everyone watching that game with me erupted. We were quickly reminded that there were neighbors so we quieted down and went back to enjoying the party but that isn't the point. The point I'm trying to make by telling this story is that I absolutely love what I'm seeing out of this team. I'm not going to sit here and tell you I'm a die-hard Mets fan. I've been casually watching them since I was born and that's ok. But right now they really have my attention. This isn't even because they're winning games, I didn't even watch this closely when they made the World Series in 2015. It's the energy that these guys are bringing. For the first time in a long time, this group is proud to be the New York Mets, and this is spearheaded by rookie Pete Alonso. The first baseman is legitimately grateful and excited to be in the MLB and takes a lot of pride in being a Met. He has the fans fired up, he has the team fired up and he has the league fired up. He is a breath of fresh air in a league that has lacked some luster in the last few years. He hits a homerun, he gets excited like he's never hit one before. I mean he literally ripped off Conforto's jersey after he hit that walkoff single. The Polar Bear's passion for the game is really inspiring, he shows everyone that he wants to be there, that he loves winning and that he's not in this for the money. I really hope this team can rally and get that wild card spot because this fire and energy we're showing is the type of thing a team can thrive off of in the playoffs. When everyone else is beaten up and tired and you have a group that's getting hyped like its day one, it's hard to beat. LFGM Baby.

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